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The Long-Lost Sisters and the Friendship Pearl

Dive into the compelling story of protagonist Olivia, Emily and their adventures in the city of Oceana! Follow them as they uncover mysteries, forge a powerful bond, and solve the puzzles that might just lead them to the mystical friendship pearl!

          "Pick this book up today to find out if the two sisters, their two world leagues apart, will be able to work together to find the Friendship Pearl!”

I’m Aanya SN

At age eight, Aanya Negi wrote her first mystery-fantasy fiction book. She was inspired by one of her tutors who gave her a writing prompt.

“Write a story about a kid or teenager who discovers he or she has a secret superpower.”

At first, she wrote only a few paragraphs, hardly seventy words, but when her teacher gave her more ideas, she wrote more and more. Eventually, she decided to turn her masterpiece into a book.

Aanya likes the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew and the Third Grade Mermaid books, and she is very ecstatic, ready to see her own book on the bookshelf alongside her favorite series

Aanya lives in New Jersey in the United States of America. Her hobbies include reading, writing, playing basketball, and playing with family and friends.

When she grows up, her dream is to become an author of both fiction and nonfiction books.

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How many oceans would you cross for family?

When Olivia meets Emily, a girl who lives beneath the waves, it's almost like she is looking into a mirror!

In Emily’s world, an underwater city named Oceana, splashes of color paint the buildings, animals of all shapes and sizes roam freely, and even the Arista Merfolk Academy is fun to attend!

But no matter how stunning the city of Oceana is, the girls soon learn that even this bustling ocean world holds secrets that are waiting to be uncovered.

The Long-Lost Sisters and the Friendship Pearl is a mystery book with fantasy and suspense influences about two sisters who were separated when they were little. If you like books that involve magical relics, family, and solving mysteries, then you will love this book by author Aanya SN.

Pick this book up today to find out if the two sisters, their two world leagues apart, will be able to work together to find the Friendship Pearl!

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What you'll find inside the book

A charming tale about the power of teamwork, friendship and kindness

A mesmerizing world beneath the ocean, filled with adventure and excitement!

Learn about the importance of courage, problem-solving and join Olivia and Emily on their adventures in the deep blue sea and the sky as they work together to find the Friendship Pearl!

What People Are Saying

I loved the author's great imagination about the Sealife and mystical creatures and the huge underwater world. I am amazed to see an 8 year old write such an amazing fantasy mystery book. It was a very sweet story about friendship and teamwork. Me and my kids loved it!


The author did an awesome job creating relatable characters and bringing them together in the story. I loved the parts where Olivia and Emily bonded as sisters. It reminds me when I played with my siblings when we were young and is it such a good feeling.

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